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The Las Vegas shooting highlighted the role of bystanders in saving lives. Public health agencies are working to expand awareness and training.

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When they shoot, they must be prepared for the aftermath.

Why First Aid Is Often Lacking in the Moments After a Police Shooting
A police research group suggests that departments install requirements for officers to render first aid, even to people they may have just shot.

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Basics of First Aid Burn Treatment


Everyone has burned their hand at some point and wondered what the best first aid burn treatment really is. Some people think that rubbing butter on the burn will help, while others insist that cool water is the key to healing. If you're faced with a situation in which someone has been burned, do you know the basics of first aid burn treatment?

Evaluate the Burn

There are several different types of burns, each with their own specific treatment courses. By learning about these types, you can help provide the patient with the best care possible, while also stopping the burn's damage.

* First degree burn – The skin is red and warm to the touch. It is painful, but not excruciating.
* Second degree burn – The skin has blisters on it.
* Third degree burn – There is no pain sometimes if there is extensive nerve damage or it may be very painful with white or black tissue.

Obviously, first degree burns are the most common and also the easiest to treat with first aid burn treatment. You can run cool water over the affected area and then use ice on and off to help with the pain.

Second degree burns are trickier, as they are more painful. While the first aid burn treatment is the same, you need to also make sure that the blisters aren't popped as this can increase the risk of infection. Also, if the burns are on a large portion of the body, it's best to let a doctor handle the treatment.

In the case of third degree burns, these patients should be rushed to the hospital immediately.

Treating the Burn

There are certain things in first aid burn treatment that you should never do. First of all, adding anything that is oily or thick to the burn's surface can actually cause the burn to hurt worse. What you're doing is sealing in the heat. For larger burns, this might not be the best choice as it can be very uncomfortable for the patient.

At the same time, you will want to use an antibacterial ointment as this will help to prevent infection. Use a thin layer on the surface of the burn and cover with a gauze pad. Try not to seal in the burn too well as you want the heat to be able to dissipate from the burn itself.

Another thing to keep in mind with first aid burn treatment is that the burn itself is drawing water away from the affected area. In order to restore the water, try to drink more water after you receive a burn. This will help the body restore the normal temperature to the area.

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